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Custom Raked Smart Film for Lamination

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Product Overview

Smart film for lamination do not have adhesive sides. These are used solely for the purpose of manufacturing laminated smart glass panels.  Please note that these are not the same as retrofit smart film. To retrofit smart film onto existing glass panels, please choose from Custom Retrofit Smart Film.

Busbar Location 

Busbars are approximately 10 to 12mm in height, measuring from the edge of the film.

Please do not have the busbar located at the bottom of the glass placement due to the possibility of any condensation collecting or pooling there, causing long term issues.

Busbars will be included in all custom products.

Technical Data

Storage temperature: -20°C to 70°C

Operation temperature: -10°C to 60°C

Electrical Driving voltage: 48 - 60 +/- 5 volts AC

Electrical Current: Less than 20 mA/ft2 (215 mA/m2)

Electrical Power: Less than 0.5 W/ft2 (10W/m2) 

Switching Time: Approx. 100milliseconds at room temperature

Optical Visible Transmission: Approx. 85%

View Angle: Approx. 130°

Optical Haze Factor: 5%/On; 80%/Off

UV Filtering: Approx. 99%

Remote Control: Included

Life Expectancy: Greater than 10 years

Warranty Warning

Smart Glass/Film are sensitive products with electronic components that require dry location application. Should these products be installed against industry advice, in damp areas such as wet rooms, shower rooms or heavy water splash areas to the extent of causing damage, it is at the user and installer's risk. Product warranty does not extend to water damage.

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